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    Aerospace is one of the most complex and challenging environments to design for–I love it.

    Blue Origin

    At Blue Origin I lead our design system which is used across dozens of internal software applications. In addition to visual design, I work to help the team establish best practices and approaches for successful product design. I also spend a significant portion of my time improving the work of our team of UX designers through education, tool building and collaboration.

    image of software ui information page with light color scheme
    image of software ui information page with dark color scheme

    Designing and building a fully functional design system that meets the needs of a complex aerospace production environment is challenging. One successful outcome of my design work has been increased user satisfaction with the roll out of the first major update to our production systems.

    I also manage development and implementation of components in production with a small team of engineers. One successful project has been combining our design and production documentation into a holistic system. My deep technical understanding of front-end dev has helped us bridge a gap and create components that are easier to use in figma and in production.

    Please reach out to learn more about my work with Blue.

    Next project: Tangerine

    ux portfolio – blue origin