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    At Artefact I cut my teeth. That formative experience–surrounded by extremely talented people–still informs my approach to design.


    I worked in a very hands on role growing from an intern to a design director over the course of nine years (2010-2019). I led some of Artefact’s largest and most challenging projects–working on everything from UX and ID to Strategy. The projects were spread across the entire technology industry including: AR/VR/MR, medical products, consumer electronics, enterprise software, accessibility products, and hardware.

    Part of Artefact’s identity has always been to go beyond ideation and leave tangible work behind. I carry that drive–to build things quickly, with intentionality, and at high fidelity–to everything I do.

    composite image of a person holding an iphone using the chronicle application in a graphic mode at table


    I led a team of designers and researchers to explore how big data could help individuals living with chronic illness. Chronicle is a vision for how devices and data can come together in a real time, context-rich solution, that improves decision making for people living with chronic diseases. Learn more about Chronicle

    composite image of a laptop showing the linkware live enterprise application

    Fluke Linkware Live

    Fluke Networks asked us to help evolve their existing desktop project management application into a cloud service that could provide an instant link between project managers in the office and certification technicians in the field.

    We created an updated visual design system and rethought interaction model. We looked at their product roadmap and worked hooks into the interface to allow for future expansion. We delivered new, functional front-end code, and worked with their in-house development team to implement new backend features which improved the performance and overall functionality of the system. Learn more about Linkware Live

    image of a rider wearing the illuminated brake pack prototype at an intersection in front of the space needle


    Brakepack was a concept project I created at Artefact to explore potential product ideas. At the time Seattle had a number of high profile cyclist fatalities and we wanted to enable safer riding without increasing the dork factor. We created a working prototype bag equipped with sensors, buttons and lights. An internal IMU could automatically detect deceleration and alert people using brake lights. The bag also had built in turn signals that could be illuminated manually or through a mapping app on your phone.

    composite still from a video showing users with vr headsets that show the user's eyes through the front visor chatting together in a living room, one user appears to be virtually there

    VR / MR Experience

    I led a project to explore use cases for future VR/MR experiences that would go beyond gaming, into productivity. To showcase our work we created an ultra high definition video that was played back life size at our client’s internal demo. My team did all aspects of the production from initial concepts and exploration of ideas, to video production, post computer graphics and we even designed and built hardware mock-ups.

    composite image showing a TV running the armchair astronaut application. A 3D image of the planet mars is centered with 'Mars The Red Planet' text and various statistics

    Armchair Astronaut

    Armchair Astronaut was a project I initiated at Artefact after discovering the SamsungFreeTheTV Challenge. The goal of challenge was to create applications for their brand new Television app store. I believed we could be successful if we designed and built an application that exhibited the capabilities and benefits of Samsung’s new 3D televisions in an entertaining and cinematic way. We created an application that allowed users to explore the solar system from their couch. It used a combination of NASA imagery and 3D generated content. For our efforts, we were flow to CES, won a $50,000 prize, and a free TV.

    Black and white image of happy colleagues sitting at desk using computers working together

    Great people

    Artefact was an environment where I felt like everyone could come to the table with ideas and there were always opportunities to contribute to work, even on other teams. I owe much of my own success to the amazing mentorship and opportunities I had working with the truly stellar people at Artefact.

    Beyond client work I created Artefact’s bi-annual hackathon and won numerous design awards including the Braun prize.

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