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  • black and white image of a large campervan on a quiet rural street

    Our family campervan Safari Sprinter has been a huge project in my life for the last few years. We started with a completely empty cargo van and have transformed it into our home on the road.

    All the work on the van was done by myself with the exception of the flares. Just about everything is custom from the plumbing to the 24v LiFePo4 battery system. We try and get out in nature as often as time allows.

    image showing the interior of the empty van with two by fours and plywood fresh from the hardware store
    image of tucker and hattie looking at the hole they just put in the roof of their new van
    image of very muddy sprinter van next to a smaller mitsubishi van also covered in mud on the side of the road in utah


    • Hidden winch mount bumper
    • Warn winch
    • Owl Vans Mounting plate
    • Tred Offroad Traction Mats
    • Onboard air compressor ana quick access connections both sides
    • Added large opening window
    • Flarespace Flares (bumpouts to sleep sideways)
    • UHF / VHF antenna
    image of heavy duty DC electrical components laid out on kitchen table


    • 4kWh - 24v x 180ah LiFeP04 house battery pack
    • 350W LG solar panel
    • Zero BMS system
    • 3000W Aim inverter / charger / shore power connection
    • 24v Heater / Isotherm fridge / 3x
    • USB-C DC-DC charging
    • 12v Lighting / Water pump
    • Noco 10A x 2 vehicle battery charging system
    • Victron Smart Shunt
    • Victron 100A / Solar charger
    • Victron 12v to 24v DC-DC charger w/ isolator (alternator to house battery)
    image of the interior of the van showing the modified seat, custom cabinetry, refrigerator and lighting


    • Adventure wagon upholstery and L-track kit
    • HAM radio / custom 3D printed mount
    • Esbar D2 diesel heater (located under passenger seat)
    • Custom aluminum fiddles and brackets
    • 3D printed cup holders

    Baltic birch cabinetry

    • Overhead cabinets (under cabinet lighting TBI)
    • Kitchen
    • Electrical panel
    • Locking drawer handles
    • over cab sheir

    Rear seat

    • Through bolted airline track
    • Custom steel bracket / storage basket
    • Mercedes Metris 2 passenger seat with integrated seatbelts

    Custom bed

    • 4 baltic birch plywood removable sections
    • Torsion box construction for additional storage
    • Built in modular lighting for ‘garage’
    • Pendleton woo mattress covers

    Insulation / Sound

    • 3M Thinsulate insulation
    • Dynamat
    • Pioneer speakers
    • Android head unit
    safari sprinter – intro

    build log of our 2018 mercedes-benz sprinter 2500 cargo 4x4 campervan