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  • oddhours cafe logo made showing wordmark and house logo with takeaway coffee cup for a door

    Coffee house

    During the pandemic I started to really miss the regular runs for coffee I used to take with my colleagues. As an excuse to get folks together, sit outside, and enjoy a brew I came up with the idea to open my own ‘shop’ from the kitchen.

    Oddhours has been a awesome opportunity to play with branding. It has continued to be a fun personal project and a great reason to meet up with friends.

    learn more at oddhours.cafe

    triptych of oddhours website showing different color themes


    Simple website coded by hand, it changes color schemes randomly on each visit. Featuring one of my favorite photos, my toddler enjoying an Oddhours steamed milk, in a dino romper, on an Eames chair. ❤️

    images from oddhours instagram account showing art direction


    Oddhours has been an opportunity to explore analog photography and develop a comfortable, warm creative direction that sends all the right vibes.


    open sometimes, almost never