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  • front facing image of minimal metal camping stove - rendering

    Murray premium campstove

    Just like the kitchen is the center of the home, the stove is often the center of the campsite. More people are camping and wanting to enjoy the outdoors with the comfort and quality of experience they have access to at home. The murray campstove brings the experience of your wolf range to wherever you are, even if you’re ranging with wolves.

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    cutaway image of minimal metal camping stove showing flame elements, piping and burner - rendering
    back three-quarter view of minimal aluminum camping stove - rendering


    First prototype built as a single burner unit using off the shelf hardware and laser cut / bent aluminum. Testing is currently in progress before a refined two burner unit launches to beta testers.

    prototype single burner minimal aluminum camping stove - rendering
    real images of single burner prototype, showing working burner and assembly

    a premium, american made, stove that bests the rest with a timeless design, rugged dependability, and a great user experience.